What are the general tips for bleaching safely?

How your hair will lift can vary a lot depending on the health of your hair prior to applying the bleach and base color of your hair. For example, virgin hair often lightens faster than processed hair, but the thickness and texture of your hair can be a factor too, so it’s important to closely monitor your hair as it processes. Everyone’s hair is different, so the exact time will vary but you should reach the optimum lift within 15-45 minutes. Do not brush or wash hair right before applying bleach, as it can open up microscopic cuts in the scalp and increase sensitivity and burning during the bleaching process. Always do a strand test first! Always use gloves, cover your clothes, and mix and apply Bleach, Please in a well -ventilated room or area. Avoid allowing the bleach to touch your scalp to minimize any possible irritation. Keep a close eye on your hair as it processes, and wash the bleach out (with lukewarm water and shampoo) as soon as you get to the desired level of lift. Leave the bleach in until all of your hair is about the color of the inside of a banana but do not exceed 45 minutes. Overprocessing may result in permanent damage to the hair. It can also make hair overly porous, so it loses color faster. If the bleach is causing any pain, irritation, or redness on your scalp or skin, wash it out immediately. If you are ever feeling uncertain about lightening your hair, we always recommend consulting a professional. If your hair has henna, relaxer, metallic dyes or straightener in it - do not use bleach as this can cause hair to break. Do not use Bleach, Please on an irritated, itchy or dry scalp or on damaged, brittle or bleached hair. Please see the full safety warnings above before the application.

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