Why are my strips lifting on the sides/cuticle?

This could be from a few things:

● Nail beds weren’t properly prepped/cleaned prior to application. Nail beds should be completely clean and dry with any old polish or acrylic residues fully removed and excess dead skin/cuticles pushed back
● Stickers may have been handled too much or overstretched during application
● Nail beds are naturally oily preventing solid adhesion of the strip (likely if you have oily/combination skin). You can try using a nail dehydrator product to strip excess oils out of your nail beds prior to application.
● Strips were applied to overlapping skin or too close to the cuticle.
● Polish remover/oil was applied to edge getting under the strip and breaking down adhesive
● Cuticle oil was used to push cuticles back and not all of the oil was removed prior to application. Wash hands thoroughly in warm, soapy water to remove all residue.
● A non-UV/non-gel top coat was used over the nail strips. Only use gel top coats that require curing under an LED or UV lamp.
● Strips were applied outdoors in hot/sunny weather. To prevent accidental curing, apply strips indoors where you are not in direct sunlight.

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