Foxology Gel Nail Strips

  • What is Foxology by Arctic Fox?

    Foxology is an extension of Arctic Fox Hair. Foxology consists of new beauty categories under the Arctic Fox brand including gel nail strips and nail polish.
  • What are Foxology Gel Nail Strips?

    Foxology Gel Nail Strips are DIY-friendly gel nail strip sets, available in a variety of colors and prints, that can be applied at-home to achieve salon-ready looks.
  • How are Foxology Gel Nail Strips different from nail stickers?

    Foxology Gel Nail Strips consist of multiple layers of foil, glitter, and colors for a custom, salon gel look. You’ll be able to achieve a salon-ready gel/acrylic look with fun, trendy, and colorful designs without damaging your nails. Foxology Gel Nail Strips are easy to apply and harden after 4...
  • What is Gel Nail Strip Technology?

    Foxology Gel Nail Strips use a multi-layer process featuring foil, glitter, and colors, which allow us to create fun, colorful and on-trend, straight-from-the-salon designs. Foxology Gel Strip Technology involves a 6-layer process using real gel, semi-baked to 60% to stay flexible and mold to you...
  • What comes in a gel strip box?

    Each box of gel nail strips comes with 30 nail strips in 11 different sizes so there is a shape and size for everyone! Foxology Gel Nail Strips are the first gel strips to include a gel top coat with gel strips. The Foxology top coat seals the strips all along the sides to prevent the nail strip...
  • How do I use / apply Foxology Nail Gel Strips?

    The application process is as follows: 1. Wash hands with soap and water. 2. Trim nails to desired shape and push back cuticles. 3. Use prep pad to wipe away any residue. Wait until nails are completely dry before proceeding. 4. Select the correct nail size and remove protective film. Always put...
  • Are Foxology products cruelty-free and vegan?

  • How do I select the correct size nail strip?

    Each kit contains 30 nail strips in 11 different sizes. To choose the correct size nail strip, line your nail against the strip sheet. Then, compare which size best matches the width of your cuticle and nail bed. Don’t worry if your natural nail and the closest-sized strip aren’t an exact match -...
  • How long will the nail gel strips last?

    With proper application, the gel strips can last up to 2 weeks. Consistent contact with oils and water will break down the adhesive quicker.
  • Is there anything that might interfere with them lasting longer?

    Yes. The strip is attached through adhesive so oil or any oil-based materials, acetone, alcohol, or frequent contact with water will affect the length of time.
  • Is the LED mini lamp required?

    The LED mini lamp is available for purchase on our website for $2.95. It is calibrated for fast, proficient curing of Foxology Gel Nail Strips. To use, connect to a USB port and push the power button for the 45/60 second timer. Since real partially cured liquid gel is used to form our gel strips ...
  • Does the top coat need to be cured by the light?

    The top coat is included in every gel nail kit. It is recommended for more durable and lasting nails. It helps seal the edges to prevent hair catching and creates an added layer of protection for durability. It does require curing by the LED lamp.
  • Will removal of the gel nail strips damage my nails like normal gel polish?

    With proper removal, there should be no damage to your nails. Foxology Gel Nail Strips don’t actually bond to the nail plate like normal gel polish. They adhere via adhesive like a sticker. As a result they are much easier to remove when you’re ready. It’s important to NOT rush the removal proces...
  • What if my nails are short/thin/damaged/brittle?

    Foxology Gel Nail Strips add a protective barrier and structure/stability to thin nails, preventing accidental breakage during everyday use.
  • How do I store my unused or leftover nail strips?

    Foxology Gel Nail Strips are sensitive to changes in light and temperature. Your nail strips will harden if exposed to temperatures below room temperature (68 – 72°F) or bright light (sunlight or UV LED lamps). To keep them in usable condition, store any unused or leftover nail strips in a cool, ...
  • Why are my strips lifting on the sides/cuticle?

    This could be from a few things: ● Nail beds weren’t properly prepped/cleaned prior to application. Nail beds should be completely clean and dry with any old polish or acrylic residues fully removed and excess dead skin/cuticles pushed back ● Stickers may have been handled too much or overstretc...
  • What is the return policy?

    For gel nail strips, please refer to our AF hair color return policy. It will be the same. For LED lamps, there is a product warranty:  30 days warranty against manufacturer defects from the date of purchase. Please keep in mind the 30 days includes time required for fulfillment and shipping. In...
  • Why are my strips coming off when I just applied them?

    This could be from a few things: ● Nail beds are naturally smooth, preventing good adhesion. Use a course-grit nail file to gently rough the nail surface before applying strips ● The nail beds were buffed with a polishing buffer instead of a course-grit file ● The strips were left overhanging th...
  • What are the nail sizes?

    Similar to press-on nails, each strip comes with various sizes and can be stretched or cut down to fit your nail. U.S. sizing means the strips are slightly bigger than standard sizing currently in the market.
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